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PanOpera Toledo Station
PanOpera Toledo Station
PanOpera Toledo Station

PanOpera Toledo Station

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Leavened with sourdough
Babà and Rum

Very soft and intensely perfumed.
It is a leavened product without candied fruit, which faithfully recalls babà.
The key ingredients is the bagna, a skilful balance of three different Caribbean rums,
two agricultural rums and an aged rum with notes of wood.
If you open it .. you finish it !!


Type 0 flour, butter , yolk egg , sugar cane *, sourdough ( flour 0 *, water.), honey *, vanilla bean, salt. For the syrup: Alcohol, water, sugar cane distillate, caramel.
* Organic

The highlighted products could create reactions in allergic or intolerant people.


Average values ​​/
Average values ​​

for / for 100 g

Energy / Energy

1725 kJ
412 kcal

Fat / Fat

18 g

of which saturates /
of which saturates

10 g

Carbohydrates / Carbohydrate
of which sugars / of which sugars

44 g
15 g

Fiber / Fiber

4.6 g

Protein / Protein

6.6 g

Sale / Salt

0.43 g

Directions for use and warnings
It may contain traces of milk, nuts, sesame and soy. Contains gluten and lactose. Store at room temperature no higher than 22 °, avoid sudden changes in temperature, keep away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
It is recommended to keep the leavened product at a temperature of at least 25 ° before serving.