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Large leavened products

The great leavened products have now entered the common language.

It is desirable to define in this way a true leavened product made from scratch, without the aid of semi-finished pastry products or emulsifiers of any kind, including the much discussed mono and diglycerides of fatty acids.
Why is there a substantial difference?
The reasoning could be long and very technical, trying to be brief ..
Making a completely natural panettone is technically very difficult.
The variable of the result is very high.
Only the skill of the leavener determines the result and conservation.
The positive result is determined by how the leavener made his live sourdough work (not powdered mother yeast, definitely more stable).
Replacing chemical aids in natural techniques is a long and constant search, made up of trials, failures, production and evaluation errors .. a choice for the craziest ..
Basically there is nothing bad to use "simpler methods", but it is useful to know that the consumer and final few times he manages to choose with awareness,
because the technical difference is misunderstood and often many terms are misleading, such as the more banally used "artisan".
The first trick to choose is the expiry date of the product which will never exceed 50 days.

Speaking of taste instead,
.. A chapter entitled "water and flour" ..
our leavened products never have "natural flavors", the taste is determined by the ingredients: only Madagascar vanilla, orange peel, butter, eggs and sugar!

A great natural leavened product does not cause digestive problems and is very good!