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Who we are

Opera Waiting 100% nature, a journey into taste
A real journey,
Elisa and Gabriele started it in 2013, without knowing exactly how it would take shape Opera Waiting .. "It was a Saturday night, on the sofa, we had to think about the name, and as you do for the children, there were proposals, that evening we read a beautiful article together, it talked about work as a work of oneself and of one's own creativity; here, WORK , it's us!.
Opera and ... well! When we started, we took over a workshop, with the keys in hand, and a can of paint for whitening,
yes .. really from scratch.
It took us a few months to have an identity, our creative Piero Sisti accompanied us from day zero .. and while the months passed waiting, Opera Waiting would have been a provisional communication, but by now it was us !

Nothing could have happened without the support of Gianluca , who has been with us so far only to find his way i entrepreneurial.
We are a brave family huh!

Our identity today is clear,
100% natural always!
Mother yeast!
Supply chain as short as possible!
Immense love for our work!

We threw some dough .. and we had some satisfactions ... but from today another adventure begins: the SHOP !