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Terms and conditions of the service

It is possible to purchase on the site shop.operawaiting.it as registered and unregistered users.
Registration offers a series of advantages, including speeding up future purchases using the information already entered and consult the history of purchases made.

To register, the Buyer must:

  • click on the button " Register "
  • fill in the form with some mandatory data marked with an asterisk.

The Buyer can choose the products to purchase by browsing or searching for the products available through the search functions. By clicking on the "Add to cart" button for the desired product, it will be added to the virtual cart and the Buyer will be directed to the page containing the list of selected items. In this phase it will be possible to increase and / or decrease the quantities of the chosen product, empty the cart or add other products. Once the products have been added to the cart, the Buyer can proceed with the purchase

For orders on the site shop.operawaiting.it the following payment methods are currently allowed:

  • Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and Mastercard credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • GooglePay

For the issuance of the tax document, the information provided by the Purchaser at the time of the order will prevail. No changes will be possible after the tax document has been issued. The Buyer undertakes to carefully check the data entered at the time of the order, because these will be used for accounting records.

The payment will include the costs for the shipping contribution for orders over Euro 60.00 , for lower amounts the cost is EURO 5.00, according to the 'offer published on the site shop.operawaiting.it

Only orders for an amount equal to or greater than € 25.00 (Euro twenty five / 00) will be accepted, net of delivery costs
The shipping cost is € 15.00 (Euro five / 00)
Free shipping for orders over € 80.00 (Euro sixty / 00)
Clarifications on shipments and deliveries:
From placing the order, delivery takes approximately 4 working days

In online purchases and in all other contracts concluded at a distance there is a right of withdrawal for Buyer. He can cancel his order within ten working days from the delivery of the goods. If the Buyer has not been informed by the seller about the possibility of exercising this right, the deadline extends to three months from the delivery of the goods.