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The opera waiting breakfast is a wide range of natural products to keep in the pantry or give to our children for school, as good as homemade!

Biscuits , brioches and biscuits ; all done strictly by hand, unique of its kind.

The croissants are made with a long natural process, using only living sourdough, grown and refreshed at least three times a day for every day of the year.

They are produced by hand one by one, this type of shape and recipe could not be made by machine.
They are generous croissants, for a hearty breakfast. If heated, they regain a softness and scent as if they were just taken out of the oven.

It is a healthy product, without the use of semi-finished products and preservatives, fresh, they are produced and shipped immediately, so that for a few weeks you can have a product like that of the bar in the pantry (often better:))