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Typical Tuscan

We thought it necessary to develop skills for the products of our territory.

Like every Italian region, tradition diverges even for a few kilometers.
It is therefore our interpretation, our memory;
oscillating between the Florentine and Sienese, as we are located on the border ..

In any case, passing through Tuscany without bringing home a cantuccio is impossible, then we will immediately go and look for a good bottle of vinsanto, but for many it will then be to accompany them with coffee ..
Different from the meadow biscuit, which is a whipped recipe without oil or butter, and often with pine nuts ..

The traditional cantuccio instead is buttered (possibly) with a high percentage of sweet almonds .. check them ... !!

The Ricciarelli and the panforte instead are our Sienese origins,

our family arrives in Valdelsa from the Crete Senesi (a paradise)
even if the ricciarello di Siena has more bitter almonds, we like it less intense by choice of taste .. you should tell us yours .. :)

THE panforte !

It is on all our Christmas tables, but we like it so much that we eat it with cheese ..

The pampepato is cocoa-flavored and spicy,

the figs and walnuts is a variant by now familiar but certainly modern compared to tradition ..

Let us know if you liked it !! :)